First edition: July – August 2023

Global Career Dialogues 2023

Global Career Dialogues (GCD) is a high-level career exploratory event that will be hosted in various reputed schools in different cities across the country. This initiative will bring together academia, industry, and government on one platform.

Designed for high school students, counsellors, and parents, GCD will bring together multiple school stakeholders and nurture higher education and career conversations.

Through a series of thematic panel sessions (45 minutes each), that will include representatives from international universities, industry, alumni, government and practice, GCD will deliver important insights on how education translates to careers and how academia applies in the real world.

This event provides a unique opportunity to connect with high school community, evidence quality of your programs, connection with industry and future career prospects.

Join us and access this one-of-a-kind opportunity to showcase your institution and destination for graduate success and outcomes.

Empowering Career Conversations

Panel Themes

For the love of Science

If you have a passion for the pure sciences, there are numerous career opportunities beyond the field of medicine. While medicine may be the first profession that comes to mind, the world of scientific exploration offers diverse paths to pursue. This discussion is valuable for school students who are interested in the pure sciences. If you are curious about the natural world, enjoy experiments and problem-solving, then this discussion is for you. Explore fields such as research and development, biochemistry, Sports science, biotechnology, Genetics, Bio informatics, Nutrition, and more. Learn about study programs, required skills, and the potential for success and impact in these fields. Don't limit your passion to one path - let this discussion open your mind to endless possibilities.
Areas: Health, exercise science, nutrition, biotech

My World. My Planet.

This session will touch upon how Green Jobs are revolutionizing the world. Discover the transformative power of careers focused on sustainability and environmental stewardship. This discussion is perfect for school students passionate about making a positive impact on the planet. Explore how the adherence to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles has propelled the demand for environment and energy studies. Gain insights into the study and career opportunities available in fields such as renewable energy, conservation, sustainable agriculture, green technology, and more. Whether you aspire to be an environmental scientist, renewable energy engineer, sustainability consultant, or climate policy analyst, this discussion will provide valuable information on how you can contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.
Areas : Geography, sustainability, environment

Mind Matters: application and diversity in Psychology

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on pure psychology versus applied psychology. Discover the diverse opportunities within this field and gain insights into clinical psychology, counseling psychology, organizational psychology, educational psychology, and more. Learn how psychology can be applied to benefit individuals and society. We will also address accreditation processes that professionals require, guiding you on how to navigate them and enhance your career prospects. Whether you are drawn to theory or practical application, join us for an engaging exploration of the mind and its fascinating aspects.
Areas: Psychology, HR, sociology, criminology

Creative Media Metrics

A discussion on how arts, technology, and business are merging in the wake of media proliferation. Discover the study and career opportunities that arise from this convergence, including digital marketing, content creation, user experience design, virtual reality, and social media management. Learn about the importance of media metrics and data-driven insights in creative industries. This discussion is perfect for school students passionate about art, technology, and business, who want to explore the possibilities in this dynamic field. Whether you aspire to be a digital marketer, content creator, game designer, film maker or social media strategist, this discussion will provide valuable insights for your educational and career paths. Explore the exciting world of creative media metrics and shape the future of marketing and media with us.
Areas : English, Communication, Visual Arts, gaming

Social AI - The Next Frontier

Join us for an engaging discussion on the fascinating intersection of tech skills and human skills, where Social AI emerges as the next frontier. Discover the possibilities of AI with a heart, where machines not only possess intelligence but also empathy and understanding. This discussion is perfect for school students intrigued by the world of technology and humanities, offering insights into study and career opportunities that bridge these disciplines. Whether you envision a career in AI research, human-computer interaction, ethics in technology, digital humanities or philosophy, understanding the delicate balance between technology and humanity is crucial. Explore how you can successfully create meaningful careers in the world of technology while remaining grounded in the principles of humanities. Be part of this transformative conversation that explores the future of AI and its impact on society.
Areas : AI, machine learning, Humanities

Digital Business

This will be an insightful discussion on why the 'digital first approach' holds significant importance for employers in today's technology-driven world. Discover how various aspects of business studies seamlessly integrate with technology, shaping a new paradigm in study and career opportunities available. This discussion is ideal for school students who want to explore the intersection of business and technology and understand the skills needed to thrive in the digital landscape. Whether you aspire to be an entrepreneur, a marketer, a data analyst, or a project manager, understanding the digital realm is essential for success. Embrace the future of business with us and gain valuable insights into the study and career opportunities that the digital world has to offer.
Areas: Economics; Analytics; Business; IT, cyber security

Advocacy in the liberal age

This session will discuss lucrative career opportunities in advocacy work in the liberal age. Discover how advocacy has become a vital profession, where individuals can make a tangible impact on society while pursuing fulfilling careers. This discussion is ideal for school students interested in social justice, policy reform, and making a difference in the world. Explore the diverse paths within advocacy, including government, corporate, and academic partnerships, which offer valuable opportunities to gain practical experience and develop crucial skills. Whether you aspire to be a human rights advocate, environmental lobbyist, public policy analyst or serve in international relations and law, this discussion will provide valuable insights into the study and career opportunities available. Don't miss this chance to explore how you can contribute to positive change and pursue a rewarding career in advocacy in the liberal age.
Areas :Areas: sociology, international relations, law

City-wise Schedule

If you are a university representative and want to participate as a panelist, please write to [email protected]

Event Schedule


TimePanel 1

Panel 2

110.00am to 11.00amDigital Business and Social AIAdvocacy in liberal age
211.15am to 12.15pmMy World. My planet.Mind Matters
312.30pm to 1.30pmCreative Media MetricsFor The Love of science

Event Schedule


TimePanel 1 ThemesPanel 2 Themes
110.00am to 11.00amDigital Transformation & EntrepreneurshipAdvocacy In The Liberal Age
211.15am to 12.15pmMy World. My Planet.Mind Matters
312.30pm to 1.30pmCreative Media MetricsFor The Love Of science

Event Schedule

Session 1
112.30pm to 01.15pmDigital Business 
212.30pm to 01.15pmMy World My planet
312.30pm to 01.15pmCreative Media Metrics
412.30pm to 01.15pmSocial AI
512.30pm to 01.15pmAdvocacy in liberal age
612.30pm to 01.15pmMind Matter
712.30pm to 01.15pmLove for science
Session 2
11.30pm to 2.15pmDigital Business 
21.30pm to 2.15pmMy World My planet
31.30pm to 2.15pmCreative Media Metrics
41.30pm to 2.15pmSocial AI
51.30pm to 2.15pmAdvocacy in liberal age
61.30pm to 2.15pmMind Matter
71.30pm to 2.15pmLove for science

Event Schedule


9.00am to 9.45am

Digital Business 

10.00am to 10.45am

Social AI

11.00am to 11.45am

My World My planet

12.00noon to 12.45pm

Creative Media Metrics

Event Schedule


TimePanel 1 topicPanel 2 topic
110.00am to 11.00amDigital Business + Social AIAdvocacy in liberal age
211.15am to 12.15pmMy World My planetMind Matter
312.30pm to 1.30pmCreative Media MetricsLove for science

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