Global Study Connect

Explore diverse academic programs at leading institutions,from the USA, Canada and Ireland to Australia and beyond.

HFS International, Powai

12 January 2024

12.30PM - 2.30PM

An exclusive space to advance your international education journey

If you are keen on exploring your options for international education, look no further and begin your journey with us!

upGrad Connect is hosting an  Undergraduate education showcase at HFS International School  this January. Here, we will discuss all the essentials you need to know to kickstart your study abroad adventure — from admission requirements, visa processes, to insightful advice and first-hand stories. 

What is Global Study Connect?

A global education and career showcase that facilitates connections between students and universities worldwide, offering information and resources for global education opportunities.

Not only will you gain valuable insights into global study destinations and program options, but you can also begin your application right here, on the spot. University delegates will be readily available to answer your questions and guide you through the process. Additionally, dedicated experts will assist you with navigating the visa process, mastering language tests, and even securing custom benefits like scholarships and application waivers. This one-stop event allows you to take concrete steps towards your academic goals with expert support and valuable resources at your fingertips.

Why Global Study Connect?

Unlock Global Opportunities

Explore academic avenues with universities worldwide for a brighter future.

Navigate Admissions with Ease

Get expert guidance on admission processes, entry requirements, and available scholarships.

Internships and Employment Support

Learn how to navigate internships and understand employment opportunities as an international student

Visa Simplified

Learn the ins and outs of visa procedures to make your international journey hassle-free.

Test Prep

Meet official TOEFL representatives and grab special offers. Know more about upcoming events and masterclass.

Tailored Insights, Personalized Guidance

Access individualized consultations for a clearer understanding of your academic path and start your university application journey.

Participating Institutions

*kindly note this is not an exhaustive list and there may be more universities participating in the event

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