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It’s time to complete the Accelerate Pre-College Programs Application!

Accelerate Pre-College Programs are intensive, experiential, and project-based experiences designed for talented high school students who want to deepen their understanding of a certain academic field and build a toolbox of skills to set themselves apart from the pack.

Our application process is as unique as the program itself. We believe that grades and test scores, while important, only tell a part of your story. We want to get to know you beyond your application. Please use this as an opportunity to showcase your passions, skills, and interests. We are looking for candidates with a true passion for learning and working outside of their comfort zones. Interest is high and seats are limited—we anticipate programs will be highly selective.

Completion of the application will require:

As always, send any questions to the Accelerate Pre-College Programs team ([email protected]).

We look forward to reading your application!

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By clicking “Submit” below, you will create a new application to the Mumbai Pre-College Program at Northeastern University. Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email with instructions regarding how to complete your application.

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